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Economical Convertible: Mazda Miata

The Mazda Miata is a very economical convertible. In fact its the most efficient roadster on the market. It also happens to be one of the best handling sports cars around.

The 5 speed manual Miata has a fuel economy of 22/28 miles per gallon for the EPA's city and highway cycles respectively and 24 mpg combined. The efficient roadster is also available as a six speed manual and as an automatic, both of which have a fuel mileage of 21/28 for the city/highway. In terms of fuel economy the Mazda Miata blows its rivals away.

The Miata is inexpensive in other ways too. Prices start from only $23,000 and depreciation is very low, they are very reliable so servicing won't cost much and a relatively small 2.0 liter engine means cheap insurance premiums for a sports car.

Since this economical convertible is so light and small its 167 horses go a long way and the car feels quick and nimble. Its low weight and even weight distribution also contribute to the Miata's trump card - road handling. Since the very first Miata convertible was released this car has been all about road handling. The steering is so precise and responsive and there's bucket loads of grip. Its an amazing car to drive and a real joy on a twisty road.

The Mazda Miata convertible had a facelift in 2009 to bring its looks up to date . Its definitely a good looking car but still looks a bit too soft and cute. Not quite aggressive enough. The soft top is available in vinyl or cloth and there is also the option of an auto retractable hardtop. All are well built, easy to use and durable although obviously the retractable hardtop offers more practicality.

The newest Mazda Miata has not been crash tested but it does boast a lot of safety features including front and side airbags. There have been some reports that it may not be that safe for children though.

The Miata comes in a choice of three trim levels - Sport, Touring and Grand Touring. It has a 3 year 36,000 mile warranty and a 5 year powertrain warranty. For the price the Mazda Miata economical convertible easily beats all rival roadsters, as it has done since it was first released many years ago.