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Most Economical Hatchbacks: Honda Fit

The Honda Fit is among the most economical hatchback cars, with official fuel economy figures of 28 miles to the gallon in the city and 35 on the highway. These figures are for the automatic. The manual gets 27 and 33 miles per gallon for the city and highway respectively.

Its very unusual for the auto version of a car to get better fuel mileage than its manual counterpart since automatic transmission is a less efficient design. The economical Honda is powered by a 1.5 liter four cylinder engine with variable valve timing to give even power delivery. Considering the type of car, the available power is quite good. Road handling and braking are also exceptional for a small cheap car.

Inside the Honda Fit, tall drivers may find the driving position a bit cramped. Besides that full marks go to the Fit's stylish cabin. Its relatively spacious for its passengers and has lots of versatile cargo space. One clever storage solution is Honda's innovative Magic Seat which is a rear seat with three different storage configurations to fit different sized objects. Its also very comfortable. Design elements like this make the Honda Fit a very practical car.

The Honda Fit scored well in government crash testing, however anti skid braking and stability control are not available on the base model even as options. Many competitors offer these safety features on their most economical hatchbacks.

The Honda Fit comes well recommended overall. Its an inexpensive, reliable and economical hatchback that should hold its value well. Inexpensive motoring with only a few drawbacks.