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Top Economical Cars: Toyota Yaris 1.5

Amongst the subcompacts available in the U.S. one of the top economical cars is the Toyota Yaris 1.5 liter. Despite Toyota's recent recalls the company still produce good quality, reliable cars and their smallest and cheapest, the Yaris, is no exception.

The Yaris boasts excellent fuel economy, beating most other cars in the subcompact class. A refined high tech 4 cylinder 1.5 liter gasoline engine is the reason why. Although small in cubic inches it manages to produce a healthy 106 horsepower while still managing 29 miles per gallon in the city and 36 cruising on the highway. Although it takes a while to accelerate at highway speeds its quite eager around town and is a fun car to drive.

The Toyota Yaris doesn't have any major problems. It performs well in most areas. The exterior design has style and the sedan doesn't have the look of a small car. Its a comfortable and practical car that will appeal financially not only because of its cheap price and top fuel economy but because it is solid and reliable and maintenance costs should be low.

The only issues with the Toyota Yaris economy car are in the cabin but are small ones. The interior is spartan and a bit plasticy but then this is an inexpensive car. Something that could have easily been avoided is the center placement of the instrument panel. Here1 is not in front of the driver but to the left, positioned in the center of the vehicle. I think Toyota have let styling overtake practicality here because there is no benefit of a center console and it means the driver has to angle his head away from the road to see how fast he's going. Not ideal but not a major issue.

Amazingly safety is probably the biggest asset of Toyota's smallest car. The Yaris beats most of its rivals in this aspect. Standard safety equipment includes traction control, stability control, anti lock braking and electronic brake force distribution. Crash test results are also pretty good for a cheap small car.

The Toyota Yaris is available as a 3 or 5 door hatchback or a 4 door sedan. It comes with a 3 year 36000 mile warranty and costs around US$12,000 for the base model. Luxury features on the base model are pretty thin on the ground but if you can do without electric windows and doors then this is certainly one of the top economical cars.