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Below is a list of the most efficient electric cars using a km per litre equivalent figure.

There are only three Indian electric cars. However this should change in the near future as the Indian government is aiming to introduce new policies designed to promote electric vehicle manufacture and usage.

To be fully accepted by consumers, electricity infrastructure needs to be modernised to avoid a lack of capacity to fulfill electricity during peak hours.

Efficient Car Engine
City km/L
Hwy km/L
Tara Tiny 3 kW peak
Bavina yc 1021 9 kW peak DC
Reva i 13 kW peak AC

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Tara Tiny

The most efficient electric car is the Tara Tiny.

It is not a very powerful electric car but very efficient. Top speed is just 50 kph, but driving range is very good at 120 km from its small 6V batteries. There's 10 of these 200 Ah batteries.

The Tara Tiny is capable of seating 4 adults but its motor will struggle uphill when the car is fully loaded. One disadvantage of the Tara Tiny is its looks. Its styling is outdated by about 10 years.