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Below is a list of the most efficient hybrids based on their highway fuel mileage.

Currently the only hybrid cars available in India are the Japanese built Prius and Civic. The Prius costs about Rs 28 lakhs while you pay only around Rs 23 lakhs for the Civic.

You do get more car for your money with the Prius though - its larger, more powerful and has a better fuel efficiency than the Honda Civic hybrid.

Efficient Car Engine
City km/L
Hwy km/L
Toyota Prius 1.8L hybrid
Honda Civic 1.3L hybrid

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Toyota Prius

The most efficient hybrid is the Toyota Prius.

The Prius houses a 98 hp 1.8 litre 4 cylinder petrol engine which is in a detuned state. Combined with the large electric motor, power output is 134 hp.

Electrically controlled continuously variable transmission ensures the engine remains in a narrow fuel efficient rev range. An electric water pump means that no accessory belts are required which also helps its economy.