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Below are the top 5 most efficient minivans ordered by best fuel economy.

There's a mix of CNG, diesel and petrol engines with CNG coming out on top. Our winner, the Maruti Eeco, though is only available in 5 seat form with the CNG engine. All the other vehicles here seat 7 or more passengers.

Considering their larger more powerful engines the Tata Sumo and Winger put in a good performance.

Efficient Car Engine
City km/L
Hwy km/L
Maruti Eeco 1.2L CNG
Maruti Omni 0.8L petrol
Tata Venture 1.4L diesel
Tata Sumo 3.0L diesel
Tata Winger 2.0L diesel

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Maruti Eeco

The most efficient minivan is the Maruti Eeco.

The Eeco has Maruti's new economical 4 cylinder aluminum engine with i-GPI (Intelligent Gas Port Injection) technology. It is capable of generating 73 bhp. The car costs around 3,70,000

Unfortunately seven seats is not an option with the CNG engine (you'll need to buy the petrol version) so the maximum number of passengers is five. You also need to make sure that there is good availability of CNG near you before buying this minivan.