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Most Economical Diesel | 2011 Seat Ibiza Ecomotive

The 2011 Seat Ibiza Ecomotive is one of the most economical diesel cars. Now in its third incarnation it has consistently raised the standard for fuel economy. The latest version has a combined fuel consumption of 80.2 miles per U.K. gallon, up from 76.3 mpg for the previous model. The Ecomotive is also a very cheap car to buy yet is a good quality car.

The latest Seat Ibiza Ecomotive has had a major overhaul since the 2010 version. A brand new engine and the addition of a stop start system powered by regenerative braking are the biggest improvements and also the biggest reason why fuel consumption is down.

The new 1.2 litre 3 cylinder diesel TDI engine is a good, torquey engine and can also be found in the new VW Polo Bluemotion and Skoda Fabia Greenline cars. It produces 75 bhp and 133 lb ft of torque and although the old 1.4 litre engine produced 80 bhp, this one feels no less powerful. Very tall gearing help this car to be one of the most economical diesels. The engine's torque handles the high gearing fairly comfortably. The three cylinder can at times feel a little unrefined though because its a bit noisy at higher revs.

A new eco gadget of the 2011 Ecomotive is a gear change light which tells you the most efficient time to change up a gear. A lot of economical cars are now offering this to help you get the most out of the car. The car also offers hill hold assist, an input for MP3 players, ABS, ESP and air conditioning. The Ibiza Ecomotive SE adds cruise control, heated wing mirrors and headlights that move as the car turns corners.

You wouldn't expect the most economical diesel to appeal to young buyers but apparently it is. In the U.K. the Ibiza has the lowest average new car buyer age of any vehicle. Its not just because the Ibiza has low running costs and is inexpensive to buy. Its a really good looking car and its style is attracting customers. Unusually for an efficient model, the Ecomotive is available in three different body styles - a 5 door hatchback, a sportier 3 door hatchback and a 5 door estate. For 2011, Seat have built on the cars good looks with a subtle aerodynamic makeover. There's a new front grille to improve air flow, new front and rear spoilers, and new wheel arch deflectors. All make the car just a little bit more economical.

The Ibiza Ecomotive is surprisingly enjoyable to drive. It feels more powerful than the 75 bhp diesel engine looks on paper. The car steers well, is responsive and has good road handling. No complaints from a drivers perspective.

In short the 2011 Seat Ibiza Ecomotive review reveals a very good car. A most economical diesel that is well built and pleasant to drive. Its low price will ensure it has plenty of buyers.